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Treasure Hunts In London
on your phone

Become the Hero Of Your Own Adventure

Clues sent directly on your smartphone or tablet
Currently available for both Android and iOS
Only one app per team needed to play
Uses the free ClueKeeper app 
Hunts costs £29.99 per team

Step One
Download the free ClueKeeper app for your mobile device on the App Store or Google Play

Step Two 
Decide which Treasure Hunts in London self guided hunt you want to play. There are a number of hunts to choose from

Step Three 
Click on the game and you will be taken to purchase via the ClueKeeper website 

Step Four
Once you have the game on your phone, the app will give you the clues and provide hints

Step Five 
When you have found the answer to a clue, submit it on your smartphone or tablet. Each correct answer will give some historic insight into the area you are exploring

Step Six
The app will direct you where to go next
Fancy a walking tour instead of a hunt?
You can explore an area as a walking tour by using the "skip answer" function. 

Celebrate with a Treasure Hunt!

Fantastic as Hen Party activity
Great for a birthday party
Fun for a family outing
Reward your staff 
Bring workers together

29A Cherrydown Avenue
London E4 8DP
Tel: 07854 608314


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