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Dinosaurs in Cardiff by juliamaud - treasure hunts in london

Discover the National Museum Cardiff 

Wherever The Music Takes You

Treasure Hunts in London goes "On Tour" and offers you the chance to explore the National Museum Cardiff on this music themed treasure hunt. 

Discover what is held in the museum's collection as you solve clues and take fun photos (NB no flash allowed).

The ground floor is devoted to Natural History and includes dinosaurs, animals, birds and marine creatures plus minerals and even a moon rock. The upper floor is dedicated to art. This includes sculptures, paintings and ceramics.

There are 18 questions to be answered and 3 photo challenges to be completed during this treasure hunt. The challenges are for fun and are optional. So grab your camera and come exploring. Hunt costs £29.99 per team
Reduced to £4.99 clear out sale


Step One 

Download the free ClueKeeper app for your mobile device on the App Store or Google Play 

App Store

Google Play

Dinosaurs in Cardiff by juliamaud - treasure hunts in london

Step Two

Click on the game title below to be taken to the ClueKeeper website to buy Discover the National Museum Cardiff via secure Paypal payment 

The National Museum Cardiff 

treasure hunters explore with treasure hunts in london by juliamaud

Step Three

With the game on your phone, the app leads you on your adventure.
It will give you the clues to solve as you explore


Step Four 

Need help discovering the answer? Don't worry, the app provides you with hints to keep you on track

treasure hunters explore with treasure hunts in london by juliamaud

Step Five 

Once you have found the answer, just tap it into your smartphone or tablet. The app let you know you are right and give directions where to go next

treasure hunts in london logo

Step Six 

Each clue and answer gives some historic insight into the area you are exploring. You can even use the hunts as walking tours using the "skip answer" function and learning about the area's history

Take care on the streets. An adult must accompany children. All Treasure Hunters participate at their own risk; the writers accept no responsiblity for for any accident, injury, loss or damage caused by participation in a Treasure Hunts in London self guided adventure.

Celebrate with a Treasure Hunt!

Fantastic as Hen Party activity
Great for a birthday party
Fun for a family outing
Reward your staff 
Bring workers together

29A Cherrydown Avenue
London E4 8DP
Tel: 07854 608314
email: contact@treasure-hunts-in-london.co.uk 


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