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29A Cherrydown Avenue

London E4 8DP

Tel: 07854 608314

email: contact@treasure-hunts-in-london.co.uk

Treasure Hunts in London

Explore what’s on your doorstep

Experience a heritage treasure hunt by Treasure Hunts In London.

Deep in the heart of London, Hayley gathered her team of explorers. Their mission was to find treasure. Down hidden alleyways, crossing ancient bridges, and through mysterious tunnels…where would their quest take them?

To the museum, where priceless artifacts were waiting to be found? To the art galleries, where the old masters watch quietly as the team search for answers? To the park, to find secrets planted in the gardens? Heritage could be found in all manner of locations.

Hayley’s explorers solved their puzzles… but can you complete all the challenges in time? Help is at hand with Treasure Hunts in London: costumed explainers are just a text away.

Will your team score the most points and win the reward? Come to the after-hunt celebration when you’ve solved the puzzles and claim your treasure.

Book with Treasure Hunts in London now and become the hero of your own adventure.

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