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29A Cherrydown Avenue

London E4 8DP

Tel: 07854 608314

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Treasure Hunts in London

Explore what’s on your doorstep

Artists and Artisans -

The Trafalgar Square Treasure Hunt

on Saturday 12 Aug 2017

At 2pm

Subscriber Offer

The Artists and Artisans Treasure Hunt and Drinks Party

Bring your team to London and take part in an exciting Treasure Hunts In London Adventure.

After registering with the costumed Treasure Hunts in London hosts, you will  be given instructions and an explorer pack each containing a clue booklet and pen. Then you will be free to explore the area around Trafalgar Square.

Venture along streets and down alleyways, discovering interesting items as you hunt down answers to clues.

Explore gardens on your quest to solve puzzles and challenges.

When you have completed your mission, the fun continues with the after hunt party.

Share stories with other hunters over a drink while the scores are calculated.

Will your team have scored enough to claim the winning prize?

Book your tickets and discover what the Artists and Artisans Treasure Hunt has in store for your team.