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Treasure Hunts

Naughty or Nice:

A Father’s Day  Adventure in Piccadilly.

Olivia looked at the calendar. Father's Day was circled in red and she had yet to buy a present.

Peter was a difficult man to buy for. He wasn't particularly sporty, so sports memorabilia was out. He was interested history but she had lost count of the history books she’d given him in the past.

Olivia needed something new and exciting to give her dad. An activity they could share would give her dad an afternoon to remember.

Olivia chose tickets to a Treasure Hunts in London adventure. One of their heritage themed hunts would be just the ticket for her history loving father.

The pair began their treasure finding mission in the Annenberg Courtyard of the Royal Academy. Once they were registered with the Treasure Hunts in London costumed explainers they were briefed about their assignment and handed clue packs and pens.

Peter and Olivia then set off to explore Piccadilly, solving clues and puzzles. They ventured into passageways they’d never noticed before, through arcades they’d never been, discovering heritage in all manner of locations.

Could they solve the puzzles and complete all the challenges in time? Help was at hand, as the Treasure Hunts In London staff were only a text away.

Would they score the most points and win the reward? They were in competition with the other teams of 2 to 4 people who were also looking for answers to the Naughty or Nice Treasure Hunt.

The hunt ended with a drinks reception at a bar in a listed building. Peter and Olivia settled back with their drinks, sharing stories with the other hunters, while the scores were calculated and the winner prizes were awarded.

This had been a father’s day afternoon to remember.

Want to impress your dad? Be like Olivia and book your adventure with Treasure Hunts In London now.

Sunday 18th June 2017

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